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Indy Outdoor Makes Long-awaited Homecoming Possible

Louise Spencer has had serious health issues for some time, but when she fell and broke her hip several months ago things really took a turn for the worst. The 78-year-old woman from Manlius, NY, spent the next six months away from the comforts of her own home. First she was treated in a hospital, and then moved to a nearby nursing home. One of the impediments to bringing her back home, said her son Gary Spencer, was the fact that she could no longer walk up the five stairs to the front door.

“She can’t lift her leg up,” Gary said. “She just can’t get it up high enough.”

The first solution Gary thought of was to build a wheelchair ramp, but that didn’t appeal to either of them.

“A wheelchair ramp would have been ugly,” said Gary, whose mother’s Cape Cod-style home sits in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town. Plus, the building of a wheelchair ramp in the front yard would have necessitated the procuring of a building permit, a headache-inducing process Gary wasn’t interested in going through.

“But,” he said, “she’s homesick.”

So instead Gary started calling around for estimates on outdoor stair lifts. He spoke first with Andy Darnley, founder and owner of Nationwide Lifts, who quoted him a price for the Indy Outdoor, along with a quick timeline for delivery and installation. Gary thanked Andy and then, because he’s a savvy consumer, he called a Nationwide Lifts competitor, another local/national business with a solid reputation, he said. The quote they gave him was $1,000 higher than Nationwide Lifts’ price.

Within days Andy had the Indy Outdoor stair lift installed and ready for Louise’s long-awaited return.

“Andy showed up on time, he installed it, he was very easy to work with and he always answers his phone,” Gary said. “He took all the worry out of it.”

Gary is pleased with the aesthetics of the Indy Outdoor — “This is concealed very nicely; you could drive up and down the street and not notice it’s there,” he said — but he’s even happier to get his mother back into the house she’s lived in for 42 years.

“This was the route to get her back home,” he said.

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