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Aptly Named Freedom 750 a Welcoming Addition to Family’s Multilevel Home

It’s an eventuality that many will face:  How to handle the circumstance of an aging parent who can no longer live alone. More Americans are choosing to bring their elderly parents into their home to live, rather than move them into a nursing home or other assisted living facility. Being able to keep a close watch over their aging loved one is a comfort, and many feel the duty — and privilege — to reciprocate some of the care and love they’ve received over the years from the parent who now needs them.

Such was the choice Ed and Patricia, a Leesburg, Va., couple, made regarding Patricia’s elderly mother. Ed, a structural engineer who moved to the United States from Holland in 1956, was happy to have Patricia’s mother move in with them, but knew their multilevel home would pose a challenge.

“She’s 99 years old,” he said. “She doesn’t walk the stairs anymore.”

They knew that welcoming their elderly mother into their home would be frustrating and confining for her if she her limited mobility forced her to stay on one floor. Luckily the couple found a solution in the Freedom 750 elevator. Once installed, the elevator provided Patricia’s mother with easy and independent access to every level of the house. She no longer was relegated to the first floor, and felt much more “at home” in her new living space.

Plus, Ed says, there are other benefits to having an elevator in the home.

“I don’t have to carry the heavy loads up and down the stairs,” he said.

Sounds like a win-win!

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