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Stairlift the perfect ‘Welcome Home!’ gift when parents move in with daughter


Marilyn and Bill now both use the stairlift that was originally installed in their daughter’s Colorado home for Marilyn.

Three years ago when her parents said they needed to move closer to one of their children, Janis invited them out to Colorado, where she and her husband, Henry, had moved several years earlier for a lifestyle change. Her parents, Marilyn and Bill, were living in New Jersey at the time, so it was a big move in every sense of the word. But they were in their early 80s, and Marilyn had limited mobility; they needed the comfort and assistance of having loved ones nearby.

Luckily their home had a gracious walkout basement that the family finished as a suite for her parents. The only problem was figuring out a way for Marilyn, who couldn’t manage stairs, to get up to the main living space. That’s when they called Nationwide Lifts.

“We talked about an elevator, but decided that the stairlift would be the best option for us,” Janis says. Bill Scott, owner of Nationwide Lifts of Colorado, came by and gave them several options, offered advice and answered all their questions. In the end they went with the StepSaver Residental Stairlift, and it has been a perfect fit for the family.

“They use it every day,” Janis says of the stairlift. “Now Dad is using it too because his health has not been that great recently. In fact the other day he jokingly said, ‘They should have a double-seater so we wouldn’t have to spend so much time waiting for each other.’”

After three years of daily use, they recently had the lift serviced. “But it was still under warranty,” Janis says. “So it didn’t cost us a thing.”


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