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Magnets from friends give ALS patient’s elevator personal touch

Dan and Stacy Eby with their two daughters in front of Dan’s Telecab elevator.

When you get a diagnosis like Dan Eby did in October 2008, you quickly shift your focus from the things you have to do to the things you want to do.  When Dan was told that fall he had Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), he had a wish: To move to Colorado. He and his wife, Stacy, had lived in their West Virginia home for 10 years, but with a glance they knew it would not be handicap-friendly. So with an eye toward the future, both practically and dreamily, they set their sights on Highlands Ranch, just south of Denver.

The Ebys found a gracious home with a first-floor master bedroom and a walkout basement to the back yard. They knew they’d need some heavy remodeling to make it exactly what they wanted and needed, and that included an elevator, so Dan could comfortably move from the first floor to the basement. The Ebys called on Nationwide Lifts, and Bill Scott and his team got to work installing a Telecab glass-sided elevator, which they chose for its compact size.

“Bill Scott was amazing,” Stacy says. “He was just phenomenal the entire time, he worked with our contractor who was remodeling the house.” Stacy said the contractor measured something incorrectly that affected the elevator’s installation, but Bill and his team rolled with the punches and figured out a solution.

“Because of the contractor error they had to make a whole new hinge for the elevator, and they didn’t charge us for it, they just made it work,” Stacy says.

To personalize his elevator, Dan asked friends and relatives to send him magnets from places they visited.  Loved ones have sent photos with magnetic backing, souvenir magnets from as far away as Germany, and other little reminders of how much he is loved and thought of all over.

Magnets from loved ones decorate Dan Eby’s Telecab elevator.


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