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It’s about the mobility, not the bill of sale

Stair lifts come in all shapes and sizes, styles and colors. Manufacturers try to offer a wide variety of lifts to suit every staircase, every special need and every personal style. At the end of the day, however, the only truly important characteristic of a stair lift is that it works, that you can depend on it to get you from Point A to Point B so that you are not hampered by mobility issues.

When Peggy Pascal’s stair lift flooded and quit working, she was stuck – literally and figuratively. Her stair lift was an old Kunik brand, and the company that had installed it had since gone out of business. When she called the manufacturer to find out what she should do, she was given the phone number for Nationwide Lifts. And what she found on the other end of the line was not someone concerned about selling her a new model, but someone concerned about restoring her stairlift, and her freedom.

Within 24 hours Casey Dyon, general manager for Nationwide Lifts in Illinois, was at Peggy’s door, and had her stair lift up and running in no time. Peggy was so touched by Casey’s prompt attention to her predicament, over a stair lift that he hadn’t sold her or installed for her, she wrote him a thank-you note.

Dear Casey,

I wanted to write you a personal note to thank you again for your kindness and expertise. Your work is so very important and crucial to the welfare and independence of your customers. Your attention to my concerns were met with patience and sympathy. Thank you for being such a kind human being. I was so lucky to have found you.

Peggy Pascal


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