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Vision 450 – Elevator Adds Unique Feature to Dream Home Without Sacrificing Style

Bill Cullen, owner of an architectural and planning firm in the San Francisco Bay area, spent more than a year designing and building a gorgeous five-level home for him and his wife. The plans included living accommodations for his 99-year-old mother-in-law as well. Because of her age and limited mobility, Bill needed a way for his five-story dream house to be accessible and wheelchair-friendly. But he didn’t want to sacrifice style to do it.

That’s why he called Nationwide Lifts.

The company promised that the installation of the Vision 450 elevator Bill wanted to purchase would not interfere with the design and aesthetic of the house. And it didn’t disappoint, Bill says.

“We designed the house with a spiral stairway, and so a hole was cut to the exact specifications of the stairway and the elevator was installed in two days,” he said. “It fits nicely.”

While Bill was pleased with the elevator’s design and functionality, his mother-in-law died before the home was finished and the Cullens moved in.

“She never had the privilege of using the elevator,” he said. “But my wife and I are in our 70s, so we’ll probably put it to good use.”

It’s a compact elevator by design — just 3 feet in diameter — and fits two people comfortably, he said. “I believe it to be the only one in Marin County and perhaps the North Bay.”

Want to learn more about the Vision 450 elevator? Click here for details, dimensions and pictures.


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